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Arch Global Advisors opens their own Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).


By the 10-year mark, Arch Global has overseen a total of $250 million in
asset transactions. The firm expands its presence in the metropolitan New York City
area with a new office in Westchester, NY.


Jonathan Wiley joins AGA, adding another powerful asset to the firm.



The launch of Arch Global’s proprietary asset management program. It
seamlessly blends financial technology with the human touch to provide cost effective
high-value solutions. It's a harmonious union of art and science. 



Arch Global Advisors grows at a rapid pace and more team
members join the firm.


Akhil Kumar joins the firm, establishing the vision to provide financial
confidence to clients by delivering a wide range of planning services, resources and
options that help them meet their long-term goals.


                                                                                                      The great recession. Many investment firms fold. Sheraz bucks the
                                                                                           trend, growing the firm despite the bad economic climate.


Sheraz Iftikar leaves his previous firm to start his own independent
financial group. He begins building a network of accountants and
attorneys to integrate tax and legal knowledge into financial planning and decisions.